Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It is so important to look closely at the ideas we take for granted. I would suggest that we look at the Theory of Evolution which has become part of our consciousness. 'Special Creation' has also become part of our consciousness. The journey of discovery is an interesting one.

Perhaps we might start by asking how could an alleged single-celled organism, arising from a random assemblage of molecules, possibly give rise to the variety of life that exists, and also release the symphonies  of Beethoven.
Any thoughts?

Even so, I am faced with a problem.

If living things have not arisen by chance and developed by evolution, how have they appeared?

I am quite prepared to accept that a Master Designer, a Creator produced life on this planet. But I am in a quandary. Whilst I can see the intricate, and complex forms in existence, what about the overall design of everything living. Why would such things as parasites, deadly viruses, tuberculosis bacteria, mosquitoes that transmit malaria, organisms that prey upon each other exist?

This to me seems a peculiar, and in many cases  nightmare design. What is it all about?

Can anyone help?

Photo Credit of me: Cliff 1066


  1. Wow! this is fascinating stuff KS, we should all be encouraged to think about these things a lot more.

    I'm waiting with interest for your next post...

  2. Thanks Sherry,

    Up next is, 'the Living Cell,' and then I might do some paranormal stuff from my MA,

    See you when we get back. Keep up the superb writing. You definitely have a talent.

    Love KS